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Youth Over Violence Special

DOWNLOAD HERE The Youth from Peace Over Violence’s Summer Youth Institute Program dropped by Radio Sombra to discuss healthy relationships, free from violence. Meet the YOUTH OVER VIOLENCE featuring songs they wrote and recorded in a song-writing internship, plus information about their new app and community organising internship. Guests include: Melodie Kruspodin, Trina Greene, Maggie Treviño, Princess Dijonaise, T-Rex, Michael “King James” Henderson, Sharlotte Gonzalez, Isis Henderson, Christian Bolaños, Luis Coto and Ivonn Ramos. 1.Aloe Blacc – I’m Beautiful 2. College Boys – Hold Me Down 3. T-Rex & Princess Dijonaise – BFGF 4. Michael Henderson, Anthony Ramirez & Laurel Caplan […]

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