Photos of pre-op teeth including: Eyebrow to chin natural smile, eyebrow It is critical to correlate the wax-up to the patient to avoid a result that appears optimal on the casts but does not Figure 2: Incisal view before wax-up : Fugure 3: Labial view of reduction : Figure 4; Labial view after wax-up; Figure 5; Incisal view after wax-up; Figure 6; Incisal view of reduction ; Dear Doctor, This is what I've done so far: • #14; Wax-up for direct bonding. DIAGNOSTIC WAX UP CHECKLIST 1. It may be very helpful even in simpler cases. 1. Figure 1 Labial view before wax-up. 6: After duplicating the diagnostic wax-up in stone, a preparation/ reduction guide is created. When fabricating a diagnostic wax-up, the steps taken by the laboratory technician directly relate to the principles taught in the Spear FGTP workshop.Establishing the position of the teeth requires careful consideration of all the components necessary for creating an esthetically pleasing outcome, but also incorporating all of the elements required for establishing proper function. The models are prepared to the proposed reduction and duplicated for reference. 7: Colored wax is utilized to create more natural-looking internal effects and detailed diagnostic wax-up. A diagnostic wax-up can enhance the predictability of treatment by modeling the desired result in wax prior to treatment. Diagnostic Wax-up - Case Check-off List © 2008 Bay View Dental Laboratory • 1207 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320 • 757.583.1787 • H Harry Diagnostic Wax-up - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Horizontal reference (Midliner ® or Stickbite) 6. The waxup is duplicated after completion. Therefore, a screw retained diagnostic wax-up of the denture teeth with denture teeth is needed. DIAGNOSTIC WAX UP CHECK LIST To help us serve you better, we have put together a check list of the items needed to complete a diagnostic wax up. Diagnostic Wax-up & treatment planning Dentist: _____ Patient: _____ Date: _____ Full arch impression Upper & Lower with Clear Hammular notches –Clear, accurate with Labial Vestibules –Analog / Digital (non alginate) Bite Registration Stick Bite Impression of both arches, Polyvinyl 4. The diagnostic wax-up is created by modifying the shape of teeth on a patient’s diagnostic cast with the application of wax and by reducing the stone as needed. Any other relevant item or record (for functional wax ups, facebow record, etc.) Photographic records for smile design 3. 8: Upon completion of the full-contour diagnostic wax-up, the It assures an accurate transfer of … Closing the bite _____ mm ant. 3) I would like a model of the preparations that were done in the laboratory for this diagnostic wax-up: Yes No 4) This case will require: (Please check all boxes that apply) Opening the bite _____ mm ant. Bite registration 5. Excel Dental Studios (818) 886-7645 The diagnostic wax-up often reveals additional The dentist can use this guide to prepare the case and design for final ceramics. Diagnostic Wax-up for Patient X . It is well known that this diag-nostic tool is indispensable in complex aesthetic cases. Duplicates of the pre-op models are made to use as reference. THE DIAGNOSTIC WAXUP The PVS impression is filled with your provisional material of choice. A diagnostic wax-up can enhance the predictability of treatment by modeling the desired result in wax prior to treatment. A vacuform mould is made from a duplicate These diagnostic tools should be obtained during the diagnostic appointment a couple of weeks before the prepping appointment. Detailed laboratory instructions 2. It is critical that the diagnostic wax-up of the denture teeth be se-cured to prevent movement during the try in and the scanning of the wax-up. post.
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