Red Feminist Radio Debut 4/30/12



On Monday, April 30th, AF3IRM, an anti-imperialist, transnational feminist national women’s organization, will debut a monthly radio program called “Red Feminist Radio.”

AF3IRM’s radio program is designed to explore ideas, views, issues and stories of transnational women and will be hosted by various AF3IRM members across the United States.  It will explore continuing stories among transnational women – stories ignored and/or neglected by the dominant mass media.  Among the stories under development are those exploring surviving trafficking, organizing across ethnic divides, defining women’s activism, creating a transnational culture, examining the divide between and among left causes, and other experiences that make up life for the transnational woman.

AF3IRM intends the radio show to be vivid, controversial and evocative of discourse and debate.

AF3IRM is proud to join the Radio Sombra community. Per its mission statement, “Radio Sombra is a community based radio station housed at the Centro de Communicación Comunitaria in Boyle Heights, Califas. Our programming is created by the community and for the community.”

The first episode airing on April 30th will focus on International Workers’ Day and the plight of transnational women workers. AF3IRM Los Angeles Co-Coordinator Myra Duran and member Laureen Abustan will speak about the economic war being waged on transnational women. Then a former labor trafficking victim, Jenny, will be interviewed and will share her personal story. The first episode of “Red Feminist Radio” will be hosted by AF3IRM National Chairperson Jollene Levid.