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Roots Time Radio #45 show on Radio Sombra 8-17-14 Marcus Garvey Tribute.. With Host Ras Sal Navarrete , Gina Gonzalez aka G-Irie & Eric Rios aka Selecta Chinne…..Spinning strictly reggae music every Sunday 4 to 6 pm

Shades of Soul, 2.15: Summer Jams feat. DJ Rani D

DJ Rani D joins us for the latest Shades of (Summer) Soul installment. He does the weekly Circle Up party at The Virgil in Silverlake plus the monthly Radio Afrique at the Hyperion Tavern, also in Silverlake. For the show, he shared with us a previously private mix of Angola records! 1. Bonga – Balumukeno 2. Paulo 9 – Fazer Bem 3. Teta Lando – Mumpiozzo Ame 4. Artur Adriano – Belita 5. Ngola Ritmos – Nzage 6. Pedrito – Ngalenga Kubata 7. Tanga – Eme N’gongo Iami 8. Artur Nunes – Tia 9. Avozinho – Máma Divua Diame 10. […]

Love Supreme Radio #8 | Special Guest: Alex Santos

Counterstrike interviews Omar Barghouti of The BDS Movement

The Counterstrike was honored in having Omar Barghouti come by our radio station and talk to us about the importance we have within the BDS movement and how we can continue to support it.

The Crisis This Time, Conversations on Israel/Palestine

(LIVE) The Crisis This Time: Conversations on Israel/Palestine, a weekly workshop and study group

Shades of Soul, 2.13 & 2.14: Summer Jams with Miles Tackett and DJ Soft Touch

Our last two Shades of Soul shows featured DJs who are down with L.A.’s long-running Funky Sole party in Echo Park. For 2.13, we had Miles Tackett, the night’s co-founder and long-time head of Breakestra. He’s got a new album out, The Fool Who Wonders and we talk about his career (and summer songs, natch). Then, for 2.14, we had DJ Soft Touch, a resident at Funky Sole and many other nights and quite possibly, the best dressed DJ in town.

Discos Inmigrantes I Am The Boss

Literary Soundtrack EP 6: Poet Willie Perdomo

Willie Perdomo talks about his latest collection of poems, The Essential Hits of Shorty Bon Bon, and the trap young poets fall into, with host Lilliam Rivera. DOWNLOAD HERE