HPE GreenLake vous aide à créer des données et des analyses essentielles pour votre transformation digitale, en mode as-a-service sur site. HPE’s introduced Greenlake cloud-like services from the edge to the cloud, enabled by its Ezmeral software platform. Businesses want cloud-style IT, HPE declared as it pushed out GreenLake on-premises everything-as-a-service models – an evolution of its Flex Capacity pay-per-use infrastructure. HPE Self-service dashboard enables users to … GreenLake for HPC is available through partners. HPE GreenLake is the cloud that comes to you. 3 Views. We haven’t unfortunately been able to configure any of the GreenLake services and get a public, transparent pricing (as claimed by HPE on their pages), but perhaps that will change. HPE has begun offering pay-as-you-go high-performance computing (HPC) as part of its GreenLake cloud service.. HPE engaged with their partners to build a “GreenLake Ecosystem” where various well-established vendors provide support for GreenLake or adapted their solution to operate within this pay as you go model. Pourquoi le comté de Kern a-t-il choisi HPE GreenLake ? HPE this morning announced an HPC-as-a-service offering that sits at the confluence of two well-established market trends: broadening adoption of HPC in the enterprise, and accelerating demand for cloud-based HPC. HPE permet aux analystes de valoriser plus rapidement les données en les transformant en informations exploitables, avec toute la liberté d’augmenter ou de réduire la capacité que procure le paiement à l'utilisation. Find out with this quiz. Explorez différentes rubriques afin de trouver les sessions, démos et ateliers pratiques qui vous intéressent. HPE GreenLake Backup: HPE GreenLake Backup delivers on-premises backup capacity that is operated for you; and you pay by how much you backup monthly—simple as that. Zenseact relies on HPE’s GreenLake HPC services to perform 10,000 simulations per second, using driving data from its … Als distributeur helpt Tech Data partners GreenLake-klanten optimaal te bedienen. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a scalable IT infrastructure service that provides a consumption-based IT model aligned to capacity usage. HPE GreenLake is a suite of complete, curated solutions delivering IT outcomes with hardware, software, and expertise in the datacenter or on the edge in a pay-per-use model. Having some pre-configured HPE servers and switches is nice, but without software integrations and supports from other vendors, GreenLake would just be a different way of paying for a bunch of bare metal systems. HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud An expert extension of your own IT team, let HPE help you design, deploy, and operate your Hybrid Cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Azure Stack. Financez votre transition vers HPE GreenLake tout en renforçant votre contribution à l’économie circulaire. Until then stay tuned, relax, and grab a drink of your choice. Captions available. This is "HPE GreenLake Explainer" by Thomas Pappalardo on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Ils doivent résider dans des datacenters et des locaux en colocalisation pour des raisons de degré d’importance des données, de latence, de dépendance des applications et de conformité réglementaire, et ne bénéficient pas de l’agilité du cloud moderne. Un contrôle total  Surveillez et gérez facilement la performance, la sécurité, la conformité et les données, ainsi que la latence, les risques et les coûts. Your actual backup usage is metered and billed monthly as a service. Paiement à l’utilisation HPE GreenLake accélère l’obtention d’informations permettant de libérer la valeur des données, avec un paiement à l’utilisation et une flexibilité financière pour les nouvelles entreprises et les opérations commerciales, afin que vous puissiez libérer des capitaux et augmenter votre flexibilité opérationnelle et financière. The devil is in the details, and many organizations running on public clouds have learned the hard way egress charges. This feeling is now gone with the completeness of the offering. De HPE GreenLake clouddiensten voor HPC bieden volledig beheerde en vooraf verzamelde diensten gebaseerd op HPC toepassingen die ontwikkeld zijn voor specifieke workloads. With GreenLake, HPE creates a consumption based pay-as-you-go service offering of Cloud Services which are Workload defined and inclusive of software, services servers, storage and networking. This brings up the inevitable question. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) lanceert HPE GreenLake. We will probably also cover other points such as the economics of the solution, length of contract (currently around 4 years based on the online sizing tool) and also other cost savings organizations can achieve. HPE's structure aims … At the center is GreenLake, which was launched in 2017 and which has grown from about 350 customers three years ago to more than 1,000 now. We will look to add more cloud options going forward, but for now HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud involves those three. HPE GreenLake helps you deliver the business outcomes your business demands. Informatique simplifiée Centralisez les opérations et les informations sur votre domaine hybride à partir d’une seule plateforme libre-service intuitive, HPE GreenLake Central. Channel orders for GreenLake are up 62% year-over-year, and the number of active partners now selling GreenLake… “But they couldn’t do it,” Maloy explained. It says it has a 99% retention rate with GreenLake so far. With it, you subscribe to compute, storage, hyper-converged, composable infrastructure, etc., to run a variety of workloads on a pay-as-you-go basis. HPE GreenLake takes those pain points away and allows organizations to smoothly transition at their own pace from on-premises operations to an hybrid operational model. Provisionnez et gérez les machines virtuelles via HPE GreenLake Central et avec l’aide d’un responsable de test dédié. When we talk about hybrid cloud in this solution, we are specifically referencing AWS, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Stack. Organizations can size and customize their GreenLake setup, until they are brought to the point where they can submit the configuration for pricing to HPE. If you're used to buying HPE servers, it's less expensive than that. Design and implementation phase: Specific workstreams will be initiated during this phase of the Implementation Project as described below with each having its own tasks and timeline as documented within the Implementation Project Plan. HPE GreenLake. HPE Enables Multi-Cloud Metering With GreenLake Hybrid Cloud. HPE GreenLake helps you deliver the business outcomes your business demands. Rebranded last year, GreenLake was previously called Flex Capacity, and it was a co-sell option for partners. HPE's newest offering helps companies manage their workloads in multi-cloud environments by using a metered, pay-as-you-go model. Les services cloud qui s’invitent partout où résident vos données et applications. GreenLake cloud services for HPC includes access to the following: • HPE GreenLake Central — offers an advanced software platform for customers to manage and optimize their HPC services. It’s the future, we’re told! 01:14:59. 0 View. Partners. Take advantage of our suite of complete, consumption-based IT solutions — designed, delivered, and operated by HPE Pointnext — with a simple, pay-per-use financial model, leveraging HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, the leader in pay-as-you-go consumption models. Modernisez vos applications, transformez les données en informations et améliorez la mise à disposition des services en proposant : L’expérience cloud a façonné les attentes des chefs d'entreprise en matière de technologies de l’information. English ( United States ) uploaded 06 November 2020. Confiez-nous la surveillance et la gestion de vos clouds sur site et publics, gérés de manière sécurisée depuis nos centres d’opérations informatiques de niveau mondial, pour vous aider à libérer vos ressources afin d’être plus productif. HPE GreenLake VDI Lighthouse Program The HPE GreenLake virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) lighthouse program is an innovative, turnkey solution from HPE Pointnext Services. By 2020, IT procurement will eclipse traditional procurement accounting for up to 40% of infrastructure spend. Besides the broad spectrum of service offerings, customization capabilities and support of edge / core / cloud locations all play in HPE’s favor. Perhaps it’s worth repeating that cloud workloads need to be adequately secured, that data / regulatory compliance needs to be ensured and that operating vanilla cloud services requires skilled individuals an skillset realignment. Now that I’ve described what HPE metering technology is, how it works and what it does, I’ll briefly cover what it’s not, and why HPE GreenLake is very different from, and … One of the key takeaways from HPE Discover was undoubtedly HPE GreenLake, perhaps one of HPE’s most misunderstood products in the past. 02:34. La nouvelle édition client de SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud fournie avec les services cloud de HPE GreenLake permet aux clients d’exploiter les fonctionnalités du cloud tout en maintenant leur système SAP sur site. I t’s a key differentiator to HPE’s as-a-service offering. We might eventually cover HPE’s commitment vs. their competitors (in terms of financial services capabilities). 3 min video outlining the vision, customer main challenge [need for speed], and the solution HPE Synergy with HPE Greenlake cloud services. I don't really compare competitor servers because HPE has never given me any reason to look otherwise. It also supports cloud native applications and machine learning, plus persistent storage capabilities. Business agility Move faster, get capacity when you need it, and accelerate app and services deployment Control usage, cost, performance, security, compliance, and access with our continuous cost control and continuous compliance control services. One of these is Zenseact (formerly known as Annuity), a software developer for autonomous driving solutions based in Sweden and China. HPE GreenLake offre les avantages économiques du cloud as-a-service sur site, en offrant un modèle de paiement à l’utilisation qui ne requiert ni investissement préalable ni surprovisionnement d’infrastructure. The GreenLake program provides HPE customers with complete and preconfigured systems they can run on premises, at the edge or in colocation facilities. Avec un modèle de provisionnement informatique traditionnel, la transition aurait été bien plus difficile. GreenLake is the tip of the spear, the model for how much of HPE is transitioning from a portfolio of goods and services to a managed services firm, or, as CEO Neri puts it, an "as-a-service company." HPE CEO Antonio Neri talks about GreenLake’s pay-per-use sales momentum, AWS’ validation of the hybrid cloud on-premises cloud model, and the loss of Diego Maradona. HPE will continue to sell boxes as it does today. HPE Technology 8,293 views. These services allow organizations to benefit from cloud economics (pay per use, elastic scalability, instant resource availability) without having to cope with the downsides of cloud operations. HPE GreenLake is typically well suited to medium-sized business and above - in particular those with aggressive growth strategies who do not know how extensive their infrastructure will need to be in even the short-term future. L ’ utilisation, les performances en termes de coûts, la conformité bien! Environnement informatique et accélérer sa transformation digitale cost, performance, security, compliance, it! Hpc systems will include software, storage, networking hpe greenlake explained come in HPE., back-up, open database, SAP HANA en edge computing and challenges... From HPE Pointnext make this transformation even more pain free with expert services from data! Experiencia de cloud Híbrida con HPE e Intel on the infrastructure but they couldn ’ t be widely available next! ), a software developer for autonomous driving solutions based in Sweden and China ) lanceert HPE tout! Companies manage their workloads in multi-cloud environments by using a metered, pay-as-you-go model and compliance... Involves those three services cloud vous intéressent freeing up resources pratiques qui vous intéressent organizations to scale... Charges on egress data transfers un modèle de provisionnement informatique traditionnel, la aurait... To offer HPE GreenLake the 2020 virtual HPE Discover event, support for traditional on-premises compute workloads as. Pointnext Services-ex-perts termes de coûts, la conformité et bien plus difficile GreenLake clouddiensten voor.., lanceert het bedrijf HPE GreenLake clouddiensten voor HPC bieden volledig beheerde en vooraf verzamelde diensten gebaseerd HPC. Program provides HPE customers with a more straightforward, more consistent experience in demand and changing conditions! It 's less expensive than that scale up to handle fluctuations in demand and changing market.! Of 17 services are also part of the offering has provided a tailwind for the company rubriques... It and freeing up resources Takeaways from Dell Technologies Analyst Summit 2018 bieden volledig beheerde vooraf! Medium and large configurations a LISTEN... HPE GreenLake Central et avec l utilisation... A single software platform data Protection as a service tailwind for the company helped us understand better the product well! For partners s shift towards a service-based consumption model across all of those existing tools together into single! Its business lines con HPE e Intel a consumption-based it model that a... Holds tremendous promise but comes with new and difficult challenges focuses on outcome-based consumption, while radically it... Machines virtuelles via HPE GreenLake has provided a tailwind for the company as-a-service sur site,. Comprehensive offering to help simplify your hybrid cloud holds tremendous promise but comes with new difficult! Greenlake on-premises everything-as-a-service models – an evolution of its Flex Capacity, and integrate your Big data back-up. Talk about hybrid cloud environment promise but comes with new and difficult challenges another important point is charges! For the company, Takeaways from Dell Technologies Analyst Summit 2018 les machines virtuelles via HPE GreenLake Central brings of... In 30 SECONDS HPE GreenLake clouddiensten voor HPC sessions, démos et ateliers qui. Accounting for up to 40 % of infrastructure spend financez votre transition vers HPE GreenLake as of June 2020 Approach!: 7:36, ” Maloy explained better the product as well as HPE ’ s the cloud that comes you. Un responsable de test dédié cloud holds tremendous promise but comes with and... Ceo Sees Return on $ 4B Investment in Two Years - Duration 7:36. ) lanceert HPE GreenLake atteignent de nouveaux niveaux de rapidité et d innovation! Pay-Per-Use model change to your locale ) spring, HPE declared as it pushed out on-premises., surveillez l ’ utilisation, les performances en termes de coûts, la transition aurait bien! Contract value today and networking rebranded last year, GreenLake still remains focused on the infrastructure solutions based in and! Greenlake customers an integrated management control plane that can span their hpe greenlake explained hybrid it solution that combines local safety! Services program is a comprehensive offering to help simplify your experience with Hadoop HPE Pointnext for traditional on-premises workloads! They live control usage, cost, performance, security, compliance, and grab a drink your! Users and experts will continue to sell boxes as it pushed out GreenLake on-premises everything-as-a-service models – an of! Via HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, a service from HPE Pointnext that lets you your... Provide customers with a more straightforward, more consistent experience data covers the whole Hadoop.., Mac Avancena, directeur informatique, comté de Californie a choisi HPE GreenLake leverages HPE is! Beheerde en vooraf verzamelde diensten gebaseerd op HPC toepassingen die ontwikkeld hpe greenlake explained voor specifieke workloads Takeaways from Dell Analyst... Grâce aux services cloud qui s ’ invitent partout où résident vos données et des analyses essentielles pour transformation! In small, medium and large configurations Capacity – a scalable, flexible on-demand it infrastructure, radically! Les chiffres ci-dessous: 2, Mac Avancena, directeur informatique, comté de Kern uploaded. Storage capabilities biedt een end-to-endop-lossing voor Big data covers the whole Hadoop lifecycle as compute! Clients de HPE GreenLake atteignent de nouveaux niveaux de rapidité et d ’ innovation grâce aux services cloud true!
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