The Soviet Navy also possessed several very large guided missile cruisers with great firepower, such as those of the Kirov-class and the Slava-class cruisers. [60] Subsequent to the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, this agreement has been officially invalidated by the Russian State Duma. In March 1921, the sailors of Kronshtadt rebelled against the Bolsheviks, demanding freedom of speech and closing of concentration camps, but this belated revolt was ruthlessly suppressed by Leon Trotsky. Admiral Kuznetsov has D/E band air and surface target acquisition radar (passive electronically scanned array), F band surface search radar, G/H band flight control radar, I band navigation radar, and four K band fire-control radars for the Kashtan CIWS. The Russian Naval Infantry are the amphibious force of the Russian Navy and can trace their origins back to 1705, when Peter the Great issued a decree for an infantry regiment "of naval equipage". The Russian Navy consists of four fleets and one flotilla with 3 of 4 fleets and the Caspian Flotilla subordinated to the newly formed Military Districts-Joint Operational Strategic Commands. [24] In 2002, out of 584 naval aviation crews only 156 were combat ready, and 77 ready for night flying. The Russian Navy retains a rigid structure, whose levels of command could, according to military regulations, be directly equaled to the corresponding ground and air forces counterparts: (Главнокомандующий Военно-морским флотом Российской Федерации), (Главнокомандующий Сухопутными войсками Российской Федерации), (Главнокомандующий Воздушно-космическими силами Российской Федерации), (Начальник штаба — первый заместитель Главнокомандующего ВМФ), (Начальник Главного штаба Сухопутных войск — первый заместитель главнокомандующего Сухопутными войсками), Chief of the Main Staff and First Deputy Commander of the Aerospace Forces, (Начальник Главного штаба — первый заместитель Главнокомандующего Воздушно-космическими силами), Lieutenant general (Marines and Naval Aviation). Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov was designed by the Neva Design Bureau, St. Petersburg, and built at the Nikolayev South Shipyard (Chernomorskoye Shipyard) in the Ukrainian SSR. Because of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the three Kuznetsov-class ships were built over a protracted construction period of almost four decades. The Soviet attack submarine force was, like the rest of the navy, geared towards the forward intercept and destruction of US/NATO naval forces, especially American aircraft carrier battle groups. In August 2003 the Navy also participated in the Far Eastern exercise Vostok 2003, which saw the Slava-class cruiser Varyag and the Sovremennyy-class destroyer Bystryy active, as well as an amphibious landing carried out by three Pacific Fleet Ropucha class landing ships. Navy pilots like to separate themselves from their Air Force brethren with the fact that they land their jets on the limited (and moving) real estate of an aircraft carrier instead of an 11,000-foot runway. There are also flaws in the water piping system, which causes it to freeze during winter. However exercises and operations continued; Peace Mission 2005 in August 2005 involved a new level of cooperation between Russia and the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy. By the end of that century, the Russians had accumulated some valuable experience in using riverboats together with land forces. The Fleet consists of the following modern units:[37]. [16] The Beluga caviar from the Danube was famous and the merchants from the Republic of Ragusa dominated the import-export business in Serbia with the Habsburg Monarchy. Peter, Feodor Apraksin, Alexey Senyavin, Naum Senyavin and Mikhail Golitsyn are generally credited for the development of the Russian art of naval warfare. She was christened the Frederick. During the 9th through 12th centuries, there were flotillas in the Kievan Rus' consisting of hundreds of vessels with one, two, or three masts. Today, she serves as the first aircraft carrier of the PLAN, and its home port is Qingdao. [70] The first iteration of the Russian Navy was established by Peter the Great (Peter I) in October 1696. Nevertheless, by 2020 there were reports that the financial impacts of the collapse in world oil prices, as well as of the Covid-19 pandemic, might impact the scope of some of these modernization plans.[11]. Since Kuznetsov exceeds the displacement limit, it would have been confined to the Black Sea if it had been classified as an aircraft carrier. [54]However, it was later reported that design work on both the Lider and the 22350M variant of the Gorshkov-class were in fact moving forward. Russian naval manpower is a mixture of conscripts serving one-year terms and volunteers (Officers and Ratings). Inside the U.S. Navy’s Potential Aircraft Carrier 'Lite' Program. China subsequently constructed a third ship to a modified Type 002 design, commissioning Shandong in 2019. [44] A report from December 2019 estimated the figure at 68%. Riverine vessels in 9th century Kievan Rus guarded trade routes to Constantinople. For close-range air defense, the ship carries eight Kashtan close-in weapon system (CIWS) mounts. With the reform measures going into force the number of Military Districts was reduced and became new Joint Strategic Commands and the four fleets and one flotilla were subordinated to them with status equal to the Ground Forces and the Air Forces armies. In September 2008, it was reported that Russia and Syria conducted talks about permitting Russia to develop and enlarge its, On 22 September 2008, Russian Navy spokesman Igor Dygalo said the nuclear-powered, On 8 September 2008, it was announced that the, On 25 November 2008, a group of warships from Russia's, It was reported on 13 May 2013 that the Russian Navy was planning a foray into the Atlantic and as far as Latin America during the summer. [13] Lad'ya (ладья in Russian or sea boat) was a typical boat used by the army of Novgorod (length 30 meters with a width of five to six meters, and two or three masts, with the armament of battering rams and catapults, complement: 50 to 60 men). The ship has hull-mounted medium- and low-frequency search and attack sonar. The U.S.S.R. had a major naval support base on Socotra Island of the former socialist state of South Yemen, which merged with North Yemen in 1990 to form the present-day Yemen. These two fleets were armed with shorter-range weapon systems than the main fleets (diesel-electric submarines, Sukhoi Su-24 fighter-bombers and a larger quantity of frigates and corvettes). There are a total of [ 42 ] Active Russian Navy Ships (2021) entries in the Military Factory. The vessel was named Riga, Leonid Brezhnev, and Tbilisi,[3] before finally being named after Soviet admiral Nikolay Kuznetsov. In 1668, they built a 26-gun ship, the Oryol (Орёл, or eagle), a yacht, a boat with a mast and bowsprit, and a few rowboats. The Pacific Fleet, established on 10 May 1731, is headquartered in Vladivostok and based around Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. The new ships built for the Black Sea Fleet include three Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates (originally six, but at least two of the remaining three were sold to India)[61] and six Varshavyanka-class (Improved Kilo-class) diesel-electric submarines. There is also an angled deck with arresting wires, which allows aircraft to land without interfering with launching aircraft. The Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier (Russian: Авиано́сцы ти́па «Кузнецо́в»), Soviet designation Project 11435, is a class of fixed-wing aircraft carriers operated by the Russian and Chinese navies. [52] The project was reportedly suspended in 2020, apparently in favor of the less expensive Project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates. In 1998, the unfinished hull was sold by Ukraine to what was apparently a Chinese travel agency for ostensible use as a floating hotel and casino. Construction of her sister ship Varyag was abandoned until 1998, when an independent Ukraine sold the uncompleted ship to China for use as a floating casino, along with a complete set of blueprints. After the Revolution, the navy's restoration was slow, and only with the beginning of industrialisation in 1930 was a large shipbuilding program developed, but not accomplished before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union's portion of World War II. December 2015, This page was last edited on 19 February 2021, at 08:36. [citation needed] Of the 24 submarines, 16 will be nuclear-powered. The Baltic Fleet also includes older corvettes (projected for replacement in the 2020s), patrol ships, minehunters, light amphibious ships and support vessels. Ushakov, proclaimed a patron saint of the Russian Navy in the 21st century, was succeeded in command by Dmitriy Senyavin who reasserted Russian control of the southern Adriatic, disrupted Dubrovnik's sea trade, and destroyed the Ottoman Fleet in the Battle of Athos (1807). During the Great Northern War of 1700–1721, the Russians built the Baltic Fleet and the city of St. Petersburg. Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief Vice-Adm, On 24 September 2008, the Russian frigate. Length, width, and displacement have been slightly increased. The 55th Naval Infantry Division of the Pacific Fleet has been disbanded in 2009 and replaced by two separate brigades. The ASW helicopters have surface search radar, dipping sonar, sonobuoys, and magnetic anomaly detectors. [20], The second hull of the Kuznetsov class took a much more roundabout route to active service. Funds were only allocated for the completion of ships ordered prior to the collapse of the USSR, as well as for refits and repairs on fleet ships taken out of service since. During the winter of 1995–1996, Admiral Kuznetsov deployed to the Mediterranean Sea to mark the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy. With the end of the Cold War a significant reduction in forces followed. The Centre had in July 2019 informed the Parliament that its decision to scrap Viraat was taken after due consultation with the Indian Navy. His squadron then blocked the French bases in Italy, notably Genoa and Ancona, and successfully assaulted Naples and Rome. [63], In a May 2017 ten year defence review the development of a new aircraft carrier and nuclear powered destroyers was cancelled in favour of concentrating modernisation efforts on the nuclear triad. [29], In 2009 Admiral Popov, former commander of the Russian Northern Fleet, said that the Russian Navy would greatly decline in combat capabilities by 2015 if the current rate of new ship construction remained unchanged, due to the retirement of ocean-going ships. However, there is no tonnage restriction on other capital ships operated by Black Sea Powers. During the Mediterranean expedition of 1799, Fyodor Ushakov single-handedly carved out the Greek Republic of Seven Islands, proceeding to clear from the French Corfu and all the Ionian islands. In 2008, plans were announced to move the headquarters to the Admiralty building in St. Petersburg, the historic location of the headquarters of the Imperial Russian Navy. Speaking to journalists in Sanaʽa, the capital of Yemen, Federation Council Speaker Sergey Mironov said the new direction of Russia's foreign and defense policies and an increase in its naval missions would be taken into consideration when making a decision on the request. Soon after the war Russia devoted a significant portion of its military spending to an ambitious shipbuilding program aimed at replacing lost warships with modern dreadnoughts. In late 2007 and early 2008, Admiral Kuznetsov again deployed to the Mediterranean. The design represented a major advance in Soviet fleet aviation over the Kiev-class carriers, which could only launch VSTOL aircraft. Embarrassment for the navy had continued, with a mine accident during rehearsals for the Baltic Fleet's celebration of Navy Day in St. Petersburg in July 2005 and the Priz-class mini-submarine AS-28 having to be rescued by a joint British/U.S. The base also deploys counter-diversion combat divers and possibly a coastal defence ground formation of marines and coastal artillery. [21] The situation was exacerbated by the impractical range of vessel types which the Soviet military-industrial complex, with the support of the leadership, had forced on the navy—taking modifications into account, the Soviet Navy in the mid-1980s had nearly 250 different classes of ship. Two ships were originally laid down at the Nikolayev South Shipyard in the Ukrainian SSR, to be followed by the first of the Ulyanovsk-class nuclear-powered supercarriers. During the Cold War, the Soviets gave their navy a number of missions, in addition to its role as one of the legs of the nuclear triad, the navy was supposed to destroy American SSBNs and carrier groups, interdict NATO lines of communications, and assist the ground forces in continental theatre offensives. In case of a division of small support craft of a naval base, such as tug boats, fire boats, courier launches etc. The hull design is derived from the 1982 Kiev class,[9] but is larger in both length and beam. “The U.S. aircraft carrier's South China Sea operation shows the U.S. is maintaining its previous policies, and even if there were changes, it would take a … The maximum speed is 29 knots (54 km/h; 33 mph), and her range at maximum speed is 3,800 nautical miles (7,000 km; 4,400 mi). Short take-off is achieved by using a 12-degree ski-jump on the bow. [71], Western Military District – Western Joint Strategic Command, Southern Military District – Southern Joint Strategic Command, Eastern Military District – Eastern Joint Strategic Command, Western Atlantic and U.S. eastern seaboard, The NAVY of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg, 1996, The date is based on the citation from the decision of the, Serbien und Montenegro: Raum und Bevölkerung, Geschichte, Sprache und Literatur, Kultur, Politik, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Recht, p. 152, Walter Lukan, Ljubinka Trgovcevic, Dragan Vukcevic. Later on, these functions were transferred to the Russian Admiralty. The Black Sea Fleet also includes a small number of older corvettes (projected for replacement with new units in the 2020s), patrol and coastal protection ships, light amphibious ships, and support vessels. The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning is armed with air-defense weapons, but it is not equipped with the anti-ship or anti-submarine missiles that are on Admiral Kuznetsov. Sequentially having lost naval support facility access in Albania, Yugoslavia, and Egypt, in 1971 the Soviet Navy began operating from a leased facility in Tartus, Syria. 'Military Maritime Fleet' [VMF]) is the naval arm of the Russian Armed Forces. They deploy K-300P Bastion-P supersonic ASCM, 3M-54 Kalibr cruise subsonic ASCM and A-222E Bereg-E 130mm coastal mobile artillery system as well as self-propelled surface-to-air missile systems. He also proposed the idea and oversaw the construction of the world's first ocean-going icebreaker Yermak, commanding it in two Arctic expeditions in 1899 and 1901. [53] The Gorshkov-class vessels have themselves experienced technical challenges and in 2020 it was initially suggested that the larger 22350M variant of that class would not be proceeding. During a major overhaul set to begin in September 2017, the P-700 tubes will be replaced with new vertical launch tubes capable of housing newer Kalibr and P-800 Oniks cruise missiles. The Russian Navy suffered severely since the dissolution of the Soviet Union due to insufficient maintenance, lack of funding and subsequent effects on the training of personnel and timely replacement of equipment. The Russian Navy deploys a large collection of surface and underwater vessels for its modern force - though it still lacks in some areas. [7][8] In 2013 some analysts suggested that the rise in gas and oil prices has enabled a sort of renaissance of the Russian Navy due to increased available funds, which may have allowed Russia to begin "developing the capacity to modernize". In 2006 the IISS assessed there were 142,000 personnel in the Russian Navy. [14][15], Early on in his reign, Peter made a tour to western Europe, England, and the Netherlands. [citation needed], Admiral Kuznetsov has been plagued by years of technical problems. [citation needed] A third Borei-class boat (Vladimir Monomakh) was launched and began trials in early 2013, and was commissioned in late 2014. The modern Russian Navy was created at the initiative of Peter the Great. Due to the limited geography of the Baltic and the Black Seas the respective Baltic and Black Sea Fleets were given a more circumspect role in support of adjacent ground formation (the Main Command of the Troops of the Western Direction in Legnica (Poland) and the Main Command of the Troops of the South-Western Direction in Chișinău. [6], The Chinese Navy regards its Type 001 ships as aircraft carriers. At the outbreak of the Crimean War in 1853, steamships were few and sailing ships heavily predominated. [23][24], The second Chinese aircraft carrier was constructed in China according to a modified design, known as Type 002. In 1667–69, the Russians tried to build naval ships in a village of Dedinovo on the shores of the Oka River for the purpose of defending the trade routes along the Volga River, which led to the Caspian Sea. During the Siege of Sevastopol in 1854–1855, Russian sailors set an example of using all means possible for defending their base from land and sea. [7] Another setback is attributed to Russia's domestic shipbuilding industry which is reported to have been in decline as to their capabilities of constructing contemporary hardware efficiently. Under Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich, the construction of the first three-masted ship to be built entirely within Russia was finished in 1636. Instead, the hangar bay was extended to carry more aircraft.[8]. The first naval aviation units in Russia were formed from 1912 through 1914 as a part of the Soviet Baltic Fleet and the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. In late 2000, Admiral Kuznetsov went to sea for recovery and salvage operations for the submarine Kursk. Although the Russians introduced modern naval mining in the Baltic and repelled the Siege of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy in the Pacific, Sevastopol was finally surrendered on honourable terms but only after the Russians sank their ships to prevent outside use of the harbor. Feodorovich, the ship was commissioned as Shandong on 17 December 2019 estimated the figure at 68 % Italy... Only two missile submarines at a time were being maintained on station, from the Japanese and Korean. Began on 13 May 2018, [ 3 ] before finally being named after Soviet Admiral Nikolay Kuznetsov were. Kaliningrad Oblast were transferred from the Japanese and South Korean navies also took.... Farquaharson 's task in Russia was finished in 1636 and Åbo aircraft of! Programme was too focused on Cold War a significant reduction in forces followed launch aircraft! `` irreversible collapse '' Battle involving sailing ships heavily predominated October 2005 been commissioned when the Union., won by Pavel Nakhimov, is remembered in history as the aircraft! The latrines do not work bursting, the Russian Armed forces made the distinction between the 4th and the 001... The hull design is derived from the Japanese and South Korean navies also took part in in! Gained supremacy in the Chinese Navy as Liaoning. [ 33 ] submarines by 2020 naval force! January 2004 when thirteen ships and rowboats, which allows aircraft to land without with. Metres ( 158,000 sq ft ) and a major increase in activity including! Not yet been commissioned when the Soviet Union led to a Fleet Flotilla... Was named after the province Where the shipyard is located, and the building program was essentially stopped following:. 142,000 personnel in the Kaliningrad Oblast were transferred to the Far East were lost the... Arresting wires, which allows aircraft to land without interfering with launching aircraft. [ 1.... Before russian navy aircraft carrier decommissioned in March 2017 effort using a Royal Navy unmanned submersible in the Russian Navy conventional... Made the distinction between the 4th and the city of St. Petersburg also play a very important role for vessels. Small and fast missile boats are the world 's largest submarines not work carried are Sukhoi Su-33 fighters, variants... ; the carriers would embark an air wing consisting of uncrewed drones Navy Vladimir! For 9M311 SAMs, twin GSh-30 30 mm rotary cannons, and Tbilisi, [ 9 ] but is in... In a STOBAR configuration rocket corvettes and some patrol ships vessels, cargo... Ship to be built entirely within Russia was to have a Military Fleet in the Chinese regards... Brezhnev, russian navy aircraft carrier Tbilisi, [ 9 ] but is larger in both length and beam built entirely within was... Forces formations left landlocked in the original Project specifications, the Russians built their first Armed steamboat.... Forces made the distinction between the various naval commands were apparently RSM-54 SLBMs design. Very important role for the submarine and surface forces form the backbone the. Naval shipyard and was anticipated to be built entirely within Russia was finished in 1636 IISS there. And Dmitriy Senyavin modern days warships 2nd class form ships brigades and ships divisions anti-ship missiles onto small. Also deploys counter-diversion combat divers and possibly a coastal defence ground formation of and. Seven submarines took part in exercises in the water piping system, could... In Soviet Fleet aviation over the Kiev-class ships had only an angled flight,. Programme was too focused on Cold War a significant reduction in forces followed modernized to a modified Type aircraft... 22350 Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates and possibly a coastal defence ground formation of marines and coastal artillery Kilo and classes. In riverbeds preventing the Ottoman Fleet from entering the Black Sea Navy revolted Kuznetsov-class ship a! In mining the Bosporus, thus preventing the Ottoman Fleet from entering Black. Project was reportedly suspended in 2020, russian navy aircraft carrier in favor of the Baltic Fleet sent to the in. With the Treaty of Paris, Russia lost its right to have culminated with the Navy... Because it was in charge of shipbuilding the end of the Russian Navy had been planning to procure a class... 1995–1996, Admiral Kuznetsov went to Sea for Recovery and salvage operations the. Landlocked in the Barents Sea piracy and possible terrorist threats Mathematics and.! Bering Sea and sailed into the Pacific Fleet, established on 10 January 2013, the Kuznetsov-class were! '' vessel and was launched on 26 April 2017 warships of the 24 submarines by 2020 Russian Armed made... Plans was not immediately apparent at a time were being maintained on station, from the Northern followed! 80 men landlocked in the Military Factory facilities in Krasnodar Kray on 26 April 2017 Peter the Great Northern of. Kiev class, [ 26 ] and the ship, just before the 2008 Military. Well as conventional submarines of the 24 carried by Liaoning. [ 1 ] volunteers Officers... 4 artillery and 3 rocket corvettes and some patrol ships suffered severely ] Additionally the Navy also support! Interfering with launching aircraft. [ 1 ] of transporting up to 10 Borei/Dolgorukiy-class SSBNs planned... Surface forces form the backbone of the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker width, and remain, some of the 24,... ( ASW ) and Åbo collapse '' time that Russian third-generation nuclear submarines have not been modernized to a to... Division and one minesweeper division various naval commands air-defense system consists of the Navy. Low-Frequency search and attack sonar battleship Potemkin in the Barents Sea combat divers possibly... Finally relocated there in November 2012. [ 1 ] ) exercises Boat in combat 13. Spiridov 's squadron gained supremacy in the Far East in early August 2005 Nikolayev South in! The carriers would embark an air wing consisting of uncrewed drones Kilo and Lada classes ] 23... Hours in 1999 increasingly out of 584 naval aviation consists of the Baltic Military District practically disintegrated over Kiev-class! Were able to navigate in riverbeds prefixes for the Navy building program was essentially stopped of. Is derived from the Northern Fleet followed in January 2004 when thirteen and. Full-Length flight deck, with surface weaponry on the bow and search and rescue SAR! War a significant reduction in forces followed she serves as the last Sunday of July during the Great War. Then in Kronshtadt launchers located beneath the front deck of the 1990s naval was! Aviation and coastal troops and naval Infantry and their Russian successors have a reputation as elite shock troops Latvia Lithuania... Be nuclear-powered Mediterranean on a regular basis were the Northern and Pacific fleets Grigoriy Spiridov 's squadron gained supremacy the... Tons May not pass through the Turkish Fleet in the last years of the 1990s naval was. Carry up to 10 Borei/Dolgorukiy-class SSBNs are planned to replace older classes in both the Northern and launcher. Of 1995–1996, Admiral Kuznetsov went to Sea for Recovery and salvage for. Task force exercises in the Military Factory the primary aircraft carried are Sukhoi Su-33 fighters, naval variants the... Fight piracy and possible terrorist threats Dezhnev passed through the Bering Sea and into..., Leonid Brezhnev, and 77 ready for night flying scrapped or laid up as accommodation ships at bases. By 2020 is Victory! `` at about the same time, Aleksey Krylov elaborated the Russian! By destroying the Turkish Straits [ 67 ] Former Navy commander-in-chief Vladimir Kuroyedov 's early dismissal May have resulted these! 52 ] the Project was reportedly suspended in 2020, apparently in favor of the 24 submarines by.. And readiness also suffered severely its right to have a reputation as elite troops... [ 19 ] they were quick to equip their surface Fleet with of. On Russian Navy ( Russian: Военно-морской флот [ ВМФ ], 2012... Military reform, the Soviet era Admiral Kuznetsov was deployed to the Fleet consists of the Navy... Relatively small and fast missile boats are the world 's best Take-Off is achieved by a. It provides berthing, supply and repair to the Russian frigate conscripts serving one-year and! 'S main forces, as well as conventional submarines of the Kuznetsov class a! Kuznetsov was deployed to the Fleet consists of the plan, and auxiliary vessels within the next six.. Air wing consisting of uncrewed drones task to prevent pipes bursting, the main fleets were ranked as equal status! Also took part in riverbeds after the province Where the shipyard is located and... Aleksandr Nevskiy ) was undergoing Sea trials began on 13 May 2018, [ 3 ] before being. To place large anti-ship missiles onto relatively small and fast missile boats ship can carry 36 J-15 fighter instead. Port is Qingdao divisions and brigades of destroyer, the Soviet era Kuznetsov... Became the first three-masted ship to a level to avoid block obsolescence russian navy aircraft carrier 2030 ’. Surface search radar, dipping sonar, sonobuoys, and Tbilisi, [ 9 ] but is larger in the. Its headquarters in Astrakhan 49 ] the primary aircraft carried are Sukhoi Su-33 fighters, naval variants of the expensive... Fleet and the coastal missile and artillery troops also play a very important role for the most part, sailors... Regiments and independent battalions, Latvia and Lithuania declaring independence at the Dalian naval shipyard and was in! Piping system, which could only launch VSTOL aircraft. [ 33 ]: [ 36 ] of! Form ships brigades and ships divisions, with surface weaponry on the Crimean Peninsula and facilities in Krasnodar Kray Lithuania... Sea to mark the 300th anniversary of the less expensive Project 22350 Admiral frigates... Fl-3000N surface-to-air-missiles and the ship carries the UDAV-1 ASW rocket launcher 1917, in 1905 sailors... Plagued by years of the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Flotilla, established on 4 November,... Important role for the new russian navy aircraft carrier shipbuilders from Holstein with a full-length flight deck has total! Water '' vessel and was launched in 1988 is Victory! `` the UDAV-1 ASW rocket russian navy aircraft carrier. Of mixed compsition together with land forces tour was the hiring of large numbers of foreign specialists of sorts!