While the official holidays last 2 days – July 28 to commemorate the declaration of independence from Spanish rule on July 28, 1821 and July 29 to honor the Peruvian Armed Forces and National Police of Peru – Peruvians actually celebrate the whole … Fiestas Patrias, Peru’s National Holiday, is probably the most important and most enthusiastically celebrated event of the year in Peru. It limits to the north with Ecuador and Colombia, to the east with Brazil, to the southeast with Bolivia, to the south with Chile, and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. Independence Day is a good time to be in Peru, and although this year's celebration may look a little different, we still want to send love and good vibes to the country Huaywasi is lucky to call home. INDEPENDENCE DAY GREETINGS FROM OFF THE TRAIL MISSIONS OFF THE TRAIL MISSIONS #humanitarianaid #offthetrailmissions #kimberlyholmes 12 April 2020 04 April 2021: Labor Day: Dia del Trabajo: 01 May: St. Peter & Paul: Dia de San Pedro y San Pablo: 29 June: Peru’s Independence Day: Fiestas Patrias: 28 to 29 July: Saint Rose of Lima: Dia de Santa Rosa de Lima: 30 August: Battle of Angamos: Combate de Angamos: 08 October: All Saints Day: Dia de Todos los Santos: It is celebrated for two days, June 28 and 29, to commemorate the day when Peru declared its independence from the Spanish Empire. Peru’s Independence Day celebrations, known as the Fiestas Patrias, takes place over the course of two days, and both are national holidays in Peru. Official fireworks begin at midnight, and there is an amazing 3-D light show at the Fantasia Fountain in Centro De Lima. Peru - Peru - Achievement of independence: The Napoleonic invasion of Spain in 1808 sparked the Creoles (those of European descent born in America) in other Spanish colonies to struggle for independence between 1810 and 1821. Celebration\ Observance People celebrate this day by attending parades, dances, carnivals, outside get togethers, and military displays with much patriotism and pride about their countries independence. Celebrating independence in Peru. Tony Dunnell. .Summer, Independence Days, Peru / July 2, 2020 by Editors Peruvian Independence Day on July 28-29 is a two-day celebration of the Peruvian declaration of independence from Spain in 1824. Peru officially the Republic of Peru is a country in western South America. Peru’s Independence Day celebrations, known as the Fiestas Patrias, take place over two days, both of which are national holidays in Peru.Throughout July, the Peruvian flag is flown outside both public and private buildings.. July 28 is the actual day of independence. But Peru remained loyal because of the conservative attitude of the Peruvian aristocracy, the presence of many Spaniards in Peru, the concentration of Spanish … Independence Day in Peru Date in the current year: July 28, 2020 Independence Day is the most important public holiday in Peru. Peru Independence Day. On 28th July of 2021 the Republic of Peru will celebrate 200 years since it was established by José de San Martín, forerunner of process of Independence. Peru National Day 2020 Today’s Doodle celebrates Peru’s Independence Day and the country’s Fiestas Patrias, or National Holidays. About Peruvian Independence Day The bicentennial of the independence of peru. On July 28th of every year, The Republic of Peru celebrates nationwide with pride its National Independence Day, known as “Fiestas Patrias” which was Thursday, December 10, 2020 7:38 AM Under normal circumstances, on the night before the red-letter days, the streets are thick with Criolla music and small parties, the Peruvian flag flying every which way in nearly every building. Peru celebrates Independence Day on July 28th each year celebrating their independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821.